ME1 Monitor and Evaluate IT Performance

by Bill Oxley

CobiT definition:

Effective IT performance management requires a monitoring process. This process includes defining relevant performance indicators, systematic and timely reporting of performance, and prompt acting upon deviations. Monitoring is needed to make sure that the right things are done and are in line with the set directions and policies.

Control over the IT process of
Monitor and evaluate IT performance

that satisfies the business requirement for IT of
transparency and understanding of IT cost, benefits, strategy, policies and service levels in accordance with governance requirements

by focusing on
monitoring and reporting process metrics and identifying and implementing performance improvement actions

is achieved by

  • Collating and translating process performance reports into management reports
  • Reviewing performance against agreed-upon targets and initiating necessary remedial action

and is measured by

  • Satisfaction of management and the governance entity with the performance reporting
  • Number of improvement actions driven by monitoring activities
  • Percent of critical processes monitored

Control objectives:

ME1 Monitor and Evaluate IT Performance

ME1.1 Monitoring Approach
ME1.2 Definition and Collection of Monitoring Data
ME1.3 Monitoring Method
ME1.4 Performance Assessment
ME1.5 Board and Executive Reporting
ME1.6 Remedial Actions

Check out the links for details on the control objectives.

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