DS13 Manage Operations

by Bill Oxley

CobiT definition:

Complete and accurate processing of data requires effective management of data processing procedures and diligent maintenance of hardware. This process includes defining operating policies and procedures for effective management of scheduled processing, protecting sensitive output, monitoring infrastructure performance and ensuring preventive maintenance of hardware. Effective operations management helps maintain data integrity and reduces business delays and IT operating costs.

Control over the IT process of
Manage operations

that satisfies the business requirement for IT of
maintaining data integrity and ensuring that IT infrastructure can resist and recover from errors and failures

by focusing on
meeting operational service levels for scheduled data processing, protecting sensitive output, and monitoring and maintaining infrastructure

is achieved by

  • Operating the IT environment in line with agreed-upon service levels and defined instructions
  • Maintaining the IT infrastructure

and is measured by

  • Number of service levels impacted by operational incidents
  • Hours of unplanned downtime caused by operational incidents
  • Percent of hardware assets included in preventive maintenance schedules

Control objectives:

DS13 Manage Operations

DS13.1 Operations Procedures and Instructions
DS13.2 Job Scheduling
DS13.3 IT Infrastructure Monitoring
DS13.4 Sensitive Documents and Output Devices
DS13.5 Preventive Maintenance for Hardware

Check out the links for details on the control objectives.

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