CobiT Domain – Deliver and Support

by Bill Oxley

The third domain in CobiT is Deliver and Support (DS). It is made up of 13 processes and 91 control objectives. This article will serve as the main table of contents to each of the 13 processes that make up this CobiT domain. Each will link to the primary article describing the control objectives for that process, and finally that page will include links to the details of each control objective. If you don’t see links it is because I haven’t written those articles yet.

CobiT Domain – Deliver and Support

DS1 Define and Manage Service Levels

DS2 Manage Third-party Services

DS3 Manage Performance and Capacity

DS4 Ensure Continuous Service

DS5 Ensure Systems Security

DS6 Identify and Allocate Costs

DS7 Educate and Train Users

DS8 Manage Service Desk and Incidents

DS9 Manage the Configuration

DS10 Manage Problems

DS11 Manage Data

DS12 Manage the Physical Environment

DS13 Manage Operations

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